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Automatic, Premium
Job Promotion

With Rise Hire Premium Job Promotion, quickly and easily advertise your job openings on popular jobs websites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Google Jobs, all in one step with no additional effort.

*We're also happy to automatically post job listings on Craigslist for you. We'll only charge the posting fee required in your area.

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Made Easy

Don't worry about creating multiple accounts, managing budgets, bids, or any of the other headaches of recruiting. For one low monthly rate, we automatically promote your listings on multiple jobs websites so all you have to do is review candidates.

Promotion On

Popular Sites

With Premium Job Promotion, we automatically post or promote your job listings on popular websites like Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Google Jobs, and others. Cover your bases and promote on all the most popular sites at once.



We include our Free Applicant Tracking system with all plans, so you can review all your candidates from the same dashboard. Use the jobs you create and your Company Profile to promote job openings from your website, Facebook page, or anywhere else you typically recruit!

Hiring Made Simple. Use Rise Hire To Get All Your Hiring Done In One Place.