smart job promotion

Our smart job promotion technology automatically posts and promotes your job listing to potential candidates on popular websites around the web. No additional accounts, fees, or bidding to manage. Review all your candidates in one place.


pre-employment testing

The 10-minute Rise Hire Assessment evaluates your candidates on 9 important traits, including: cognitive ability, personality, and motivation. All your candidates automatically take the Assessment when they apply, so you can easily decide which candidates to interview. Add the Rise Hire Assessment to your hiring process and be sure to hire a candidate that is most likely to excel in their role.


Custom Interview GUides

Get the most out of interviews, and always ask the right questions. We generate a Custom Interview Guide for each candidate based on their Assessment results, so you'll never leave an interview wondering if there were more questions you should have asked.


A Simple, Free
Applicant Tracking System

No matter how many times per year you need to hire, each time will be disruptive to your normal workflow. Keep the hiring process out of your email inbox, and stay organized with our free Applicant Tracking System. Create job listings for free, give candidates a convenient place to apply online, and save all candidate information in one place.