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When Indeed and Zip Recruiter compete - you win!

Posted by Alex Slater on October 25, 2017

You probably hear them on the radio during your morning drive, or on the radio during your drive home, or maybe you saw their ads during Game 1 of the World Series last night. They seem to be ubiquitous these days - ads for Indeed and Zip Recruiter are everywhere.

These 2 giants of job search are battling it out head-to-head for the attention of job seekers and employers. As national unemployment approaches 4%, the supply of available talent is shrinking and employers are having more and more difficulty filling open positions. This dynamic has lead to an unprecedented marketing push from both firms, which seems to signal the urgency they must be feeling to attract job seekers back to their sites.

The good news is, each has the resources to pull off this marketing feat. But will one come out on top? The better news for employers - in this down market for recruiting, you won't have to pick between the two.

By promoting your job listing on Rise Hire, we automatically handle promotion for you on both Indeed and Zip Recruiter. And because we promote job listings in bulk, we can negotiate better rates and make posting on both platforms at once as easy as the click of a mouse.

As Indeed and Zip Recruiter continue to compete with each other for candidates, employers are likely to get more value out of posting on these 2 platforms, considering the scarcity of talent. This strategy will work out best for the employers that post on both - and Rise Hire offers employers a way to pull that off with less effort and lower costs.