How a Small Business can benefit from a free Applicant Tracking System

When most business owners and entrepreneurs start their business, they can't anticipate all of the problems they'll need to solve that are outside the scope of the core service or product they offer their customers.

Small business owners and managers quickly learn that they won't able to remain "specialists" and must develop general knowledge in all aspects of managing their business. They quickly become experts in "figuring it out," and resourcefulness becomes an imperative.

Often this is most apparent when a small business needs to add or replace staff. No matter how large or small your business, people are arguably your most valuable resource. Yet very few small businesses have the luxury of dedicating any staff specifically to recruiting and hiring. Often it falls to the owner or a senior member of the team to add these responsibilities briefly to their already long list of job duties.

That's where Rise Hire comes in

Most large corporations utilize an Applicant Tracking System to manage and organize this process. They're often great tools - but come with a premium price. Small businesses that hire sporadically or only a few times a year can't justify an expense like that, but have few other options.

That's why we created Rise Hire. Our free Applicant Tracking System offers small businesses a few key benefits:

  • Keep incoming applications and documents organized in a central place without relying on an email inbox
  • Star, archive, move and manage the status of an application
  • Create professional-looking job advertisements that highlight their employer brand

We hope the small business owners and entrepreneurs out there will find our free ATS as a simple solution to one of the key challenges they face - recruiting and hiring great people.

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